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Student Testimonials

"Sean has been a really great teacher, friend, and mentor for my life. If you are contemplating whether or not to go with him for lessons, believe me; he is a GREAT teacher." - Ryan C.

"Sean is an amazing teacher and mentor for my high school student. His mastery of theory as well as guitar has made my kid an incredibly versatile musician, enhancing his performance not only in the rock genre, but also jazz and musical theater. Sean not only teaches but invests in every student's success. If you are serious about musical achievement, Sean Radford is the teacher for you!" - Claire K.

"Best teacher I've ever had. No point in writing a long-winded review. Meet him yourself and you'll understand.‎" Gene G.

"Sean is by far the best guitarist/teacher you will ever come across. I feel that there is little I can say that hasn't been covered by all of the other excellent reviews he has been credited. Sean is a man who honestly cares about each and every one of his students as not only a pupil, but as a friend. You simply cannot walk out of one of his lessons without feeling a sense of accomplishment, he can push you in ways that you didn't think could be pushed and he'll make it fun while he's doing it. My parents were skeptical about guitar lessons and if they're really worth the money, and with most other teachers they aren't. But with Sean they were at ease with the music I could bring back home and play for them. Honestly, I cannot pick up a guitar now without thinking about Sean and all he has done for me. Thanks for everything man!‎" - Sam B.

"Sean has taught me everything I know about guitar. He goes in depth about everything. I haven't just learned songs, I've learned music theory, application, form, and more. Even the business side of music. Before I came to Sean for lessons, I could play power chords. Now I can learn complicated songs by ear and be able to play them in a few minutes. Sean is a great guy and a great guitarist and teaches you what's important; not just how to copy your favorite songs. He doesn't teach you how to play like Hendrix, he teaches you to play like you. He's also fun to talk to and gives great advice about music and life.‎" - Haiden J.

"I took guitar lessons from Sean Radford for over three years, during which time he took me on a magical tour through blues, folk rock, classical and Flamenco guitar styles. Sean is a truly inspiring teacher, imparting his astounding knowledge with patience, passion and professionalism. His love of the guitar as a musical instrument, as well as his knowledge and expertise, was plainly obvious from the outset. From the very beginning, I looked forward to every guitar lesson I was priveleged enough to have with Sean. The only reason I stopped taking lessons with him is that he wouldn't move overseas with me! RADFORD GUITAR ROCKS!" - Rob S.

"Sean Radford is hands down the best guitarist in the area. He is well-versed in all musical genres and he is constantly pushing the boundaries of guitar playing. Taking lessons from Sean is one of the wisest decisions I have ever made. He constantly pushed me to the best of my ability in both technique and creativity. Many guitar teachers are push-overs who are content with letting you pay them to teach you how to play old Beattles and Stones songs that you could learn for free online. When Sean sits down with you at a lesson, he feeds you musical insight and wisdom that would be impossible to glean through books or online study. If you want to become an amazing musician, take lessons from Sean. It is that simple. Oh, and he is also one of the most chill and loving people you will ever meet.‎" - Max M.